Filling positions can require significant time and resources. When you consider the time and money you save through lasting employment, it quickly becomes clear that we represent a solid return on investment.

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Talent Acquisition Consulting

As your company grows, your talent management acquisition strategy must evolve. However, many organizations fall behind, trying to apply yesterday's talent strategy to today's operations or do not even have a talent acquisition strategy. Your employees are THE assets of your company. Does your current recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding process support the growth of your company?
Maximize the impact of your entire recruitment process with my talent acquisition assessment and recruitment optimization services. I assess how your people, processes, and technologies support your quest for the best applicants, and develop a roadmap for improvement to more effective and integrated Talent and HR integrated systems and processes.


We look beyond matching resumes with job requirements. We locate candidates who fit seamlessly with the unique culture of your organization and hit the ground running. That takes insight and a keen awareness of your goals.


To find the right person for the job, we draw upon in-depth consultations to determine not only the job requirements, but to gain a broader perspective of your organization.  We create matches based upon shared values and expectations.