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“My approach is this. I listen. I listen to the needs of the candidate and understand what drives them and what they need to be successful. I listen to the needs of the organization looking to fill the position and try to understand their culture. Will this candidate thrive within this organization? Will they fit? Will the organization grow as a result of this hire?”

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SKYCOTEA Consulting was founded in 2014 by Stephanie Kaiser, an experienced recruiter who once thrived as a SAP Solution Architect at Sun Microsystems. Well versed in the language of IT, Stephanie began to focus her talent on building a network of clients who struggled to match talent with the “hard to fill” positions. Stephanie was and still is committed to getting to know each one of her clients personally.
Stephanie is now recruiting for global firms located in North America and Europe. What’s the key to her success? Listening. Stephanie has a firm commitment to listening to both clients and candidates to determine if the job, the culture and the expectations of a role are a good fit for all parties involved.
Areas where Stephanie excels:
Global and Executive Full Life-Cycle Recruiting
RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
Talent Acquisition Consulting
Career Guidance and Coaching
Corporate HR Policy & Process Development
Whether you’re a company looking to fill a position or build a long-term strategic partnership to handle your recruiting and hiring process please reach out to me directly at +1 630.360.4669.